Dual Major in Romance Languages

The major consists of 18 courses above the 0800 level, nine (9) courses in Hispanic Studies and nine (9) courses in French or Italian Studies. To declare a major, students should meet with the Acting Undergraduate Chairs in each of the languages elected, who will approve a course of studies. Application to a major must be made by the second semester of the sophomore year prior to advance registration for the first semester of the junior year.

Required Courses in Hispanic Studies

Spanish 1200 and Spanish 1800 OR Spanish 1900
One (1) course at the 1000-, 2000-, or 3000-level 
Six (6) courses at the 3000-level

Research Requirement: All Hispanic Studies majors will be required to complete a research paper of 12-15 pages in Spanish with bibliography and notes in a 3000-level Spanish course of a student' choosing. Students may complete the research requirement anytime during and after the spring semester of their junior year.  A copy of the paper must be submitted to both the Undergraduate Chair and Undergraduate Coordinator before the major certification is approved for graduation. Majors may also complete the research requirement by writing a Senior Honors Thesis during the spring of their senior year (SPAN 4000. Please contact the Undergraduate Chair for further information.

Other Romance Language: students should consult the appropriate Undergraduate Chair for the other nine (9) courses: Italian Studies or French & Francophone Studies.

Credit Abroad for the Major in Romance Languages

Students may receive credit for up to four (4) Spanish courses taken in an approved study abroad program. Majors are expected to complete Spanish 1000 or Spanish 1200 and Spanish 1800 or Spanish 1900 in the department at Penn before beginning their program abroad. Please note that at least two (2) of the Spanish 3000-level courses must be taken in the department at Penn.