Minor in Hispanic Studies

The minor consists of 6 courses above Spanish 0800, half of which must be taken at Penn. To declare a minor in Hispanic Studies, students should meet with the Undergraduate Chair, after successful completion of Spanish 1800 or Spanish 1900.

Required courses

1. Spanish 1000: “Advanced Spanish” or Spanish 1200: "Advanced Spanish II: Grammar & Composition” 

  • Students who complete SPAN 1000 with a grade of A or A- have the option of skipping SPAN 1200 and enrolling directly into SPAN 1800 or SPAN 1900. Note: If a student skips SPAN 1200, they must still take six (6) courses to complete the minor.

2. Spanish 1800: “Texts and Contexts of Hispanic Civilization” or Spanish 1900: “Introduction to Literary Analysis”

Elective courses

Three (3) courses must be taken at the 3000-level; of these, two (2) must be taken in the department at Penn. The remaining course may be taken at the 1000-, 2000-, or 3000-level. All courses must be taught in Spanish.

Credit Abroad for the Minor

Students may receive credit for up to two (2) courses taken in an approved study abroad program. Minors are expected to complete Spanish 1000 or Spanish 1200 and Spanish 1800 or Spanish 1900 in the department at Penn before beginning their program abroad. Please note that at least two (2) of the Spanish 3000-level courses must be taken in the department at Penn.


To officially declare the minor in Hispanic Studies, please fill out the Declare/Update Field of Study form which is located on the PATH Forms page. The Undergraduate Chair will review your request and the Office of the Registrar will process it within two weeks.


Please contact Dr. Toni Espòsito, Undergraduate Chair, with any questions or concerns about the minor.