Óscar E. Montoya

Office Location: 
505 Williams Hall
Office Hours: 
Fall 2022: M-W: 2:30-3:30 pm
Lecturer in Foreign Languages
Spanish 1000 Coordinator

Óscar E. Montoya earned his doctorate at Stony Brook University (NY).  He has been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for ten years - intermediate Hispanic history and culture courses, as well as advanced seminars in contemporary Latin American literature. In his classes, he works on the intersection between literary language and concepts of political philosophy. His articles have appeared in Hispanic Review, Revista Iberoamericana, Revista de Literatura Colombiana, A Contracorriente, and Revista Universidad de Antioquia.

In 2014, he was awarded The Faculty Award for Foreign Language Instruction for Outstanding Teaching and Lasting Contribution by The Huntsman Program at the Wharton School of Economics. In 2016, hereceived The Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by Affiliated Faculty.