Kathryn Phipps

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Ph.D. Candidate, Hispanic Studies

Kathryn Phipps studies heresy and the influence of the Spanish Inquisition on textual production in the 16th century. She first trained in early modern cultural and regional studies in the department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University. Her senior thesis presented the first English translation of Spanish Reformer Juan Pérez de Piñeda’s Brief Treatise of Doctrine (2019). Kathryn now investigates the divergent reading practices of women who faced the Inquisition during the Council of Trent. Her forthcoming dissertation employs interdisciplinary methodologies to examine the theological contributions of Spanish women to Reformation theology through evidence encoded in Inquisitorial archives. An attentive and passionate teacher, Kathryn seeks to equip students with the sociolinguistic skills required to navigate their own future ventures, be they scholastic or otherwise. Raised in South Carolina, she has spent the last seven years in the northeast adjusting to the cold and spending most of her time in local coffee shops deciphering Inquisitorial handwriting.

Research Interests: 
  • Heterodoxy and heretics
  • Women and Inquisition
  • Reformation in Spain
  • Early modern reading practices
  • Confessional literature
  • Cultural studies
  • Gender studies 


Courses Taught: 
  • Introduction to Literary Analysis (SPAN 223), Spring 2022
  • Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 130), Fall 2021
  • Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 120), Spring 2021 
  • 2020 M.A. University of Pennsylvania, Spanish and Portuguese
  • 2019 B.A. Princeton University, Spanish and Portuguese