SAT II Placement Scale

Under 380:           

Spanish 110- Elementary Spanish I


380 - 440:               

Spanish 121- Elementary Spanish II


450 - 540:               

Spanish 130- Intermediate Spanish I


550 - 640:               

Spanish 140- Intermediate Spanish II


650 and above:     



  • If your score is between 600 and 640, you qualify to take an oral exam to be exempt from the language requirement. The oral exam is offered during the first two weeks of a semester only. Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator during or after New Student Orientation to schedule an exam.
  • Students in the College have the option of moving up one level from their SAT II placement score. Permission is not needed.
  • Wharton, Nursing, Engineering, and LPS students who are interested in moving up one level from their SAT II placement score, must receive permission from the Spanish course coordinator and take the course for a letter grade. (For example, if you are placed into Spanish 130, but are considering Spanish 140, please speak with the Spanish 140 coordinator.)
  • If you are placed into Spanish 140, please note that you can not move up or down from your placement score.